About Easter Egg

Easter Egg is an indie line dedicated to providing thought provoking limited edition high quality product. it's a pleasant surprise in a internet of blandness. Easter Egg doesn't want to be the most popular or most talked about. we wanna be just a little corner of the internet filled with creative energy. Easter Egg is not about trends. this is not the latest hottest thing. this is art, just on clothing instead of canvas and it's not for everyone and that's fine with us. every piece shown here has been thought out and executed with care and consideration in a little town called LA. 

the designs here are on the internet but not of it. that means everything is made and printed by hand (yes those QR codes are hand-drawn) because we love computers but sometimes they just take the fun out of everything. our shirts are printed by hand because the world's got enough automation.

Easter Egg is currently exploring themes of brand manipulation, nostalgia, and the intersection of technology and DIY fashion. everything is printed on super soft alternative apparel relaxed fit shirts that fit the gentleman and gentlewoman alike.

thanks. Happy Easter.